KB Article: How to export leave using pay run(s) in BC Time

Step 1: Once logged into the system at https://time.bcity.me go to Manage and click on Manage under batches..

Step 2. To get to the Leave export, you will need to have the Horizontal (Transactional based) Type selected under the Payroll export set-up and only then will the Leave export set-up tab pop up to be selected, as shown below

Step 3. Once you have selected Leave export, here you have to complete in the required fields.

Export data - Select how you would like to have your leave data exported from the two radio buttons 'Hours' or 'Days'.

Start & end date format - Here you fill in the date format you would like to use, or one that is familiar to the payroll system.

Pay out - Here you put in the payout rate or the code for pay out that is familiar to the payroll system.

Comment - Here you put in any comment or a code that is familiar to the payroll system.

Step 4. Under Column(s)/line(s), here one gets to select the columns on leave types that they want exported, below is a list of selections to choose from.

Step 5. Please note that you may add as many columns and rows as you wish... You do this by clicking on either one of the arrows shown below on the screenshot.