KB Article: How to access single use backup codes

Step 1. Once logged into the system at https://time.bcity.me go to Manage and click on Manage under User(s).

Step 2. Select the User who you wish to receive the codes,

Step 3. Once you have selected the User, click on the vertical ellipses on the top left corner, as indicated on the screenshot below.

Step 4. Then click on the "Single-use backup code(s) tab, as shown on the screenshot below.

Step 5. You'll then be required to verify if it is indeed you making the changes, and you do that by entering your password to the displayed email address and then click on "Verify", as shown on the screenshot below.

Step 6. A box with codes will appear, you may then use one of these ( P.S Use the ones you receive and not the ones in the screenshot.)backup codes to log in, the code you have used will be crossed off the list making it impossible to use again, you can either print or take screenshot of the codes and save them for when you need them. These backup codes are only to be used when you're unable to access your email or phone (Google Authenticator). and always remember to select "Remember me for 30 days" when logging in.