KB Article: Configuring Device Time Zones


You must have Manage roles to Devices as a user

Step 1: Once logged into https://time.bcity.me click on Manage and then click on Time zone(s) under Device(s)

Step 2: Click on the vertical ellipses, and then click on New as shown on the two screenshots below.

Step 3: General:

The tabs will appear orange, which means that there is information pending.

Name: Name the Time zone to the preferred and identifiable name.

Step 4:

Per day time span set-up:

Here you set up the time for each day of the week, depending when you wish the employees to have access or be able to access the building. For Sunday, if the employees don't require access to the building on that particular day, then you will need to set the time for Sunday to a minute, as the setup requires that all fields be completed before it can save.

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